Did You See That Commercial?


High School Crinkled Wall 

In 2009, an architectural competition was won by Johannes Wiesflecker, who designed a project which was convincing both in its urbanistic approach to the already existing basic building structure and its special internal organization. Set clearly apart from the existing building – a designated historic monument in the local traditional style of the early 20th century – he placed a new independent, conical-shaped structure, in which now approximately half of the original classes are housed. A generously planned entrance area develops under the new building up to the u-formed existing building arranged around an inner courtyard and creates, together with the newly designed gymnasium area in the basement, an attractive spatial sequence.


Seattle-based designer Peter Bristol created a bag that looks like a giant version of a binder clip. Named ‘Clip Bag’, the playful handbag is borrowing its form from a common binder clip. The binder icon functions so well as a bag you can almost take it seriously. It is constructed of wool felt and aluminum tubing. Currently Peter is still looking for manufacturing/distribution partners to get his design into production.

I REALLY want one of these! Cummon’ manufacturing. The blog post was even writing on my birthday, its a sign, its meant to be!